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KWADRON® pmu optima cartridges 20 PCS

200,00 د.إ
Kwadron PMU Optima allow you to do the most perfect permanent makeup. They have a unique system of stabilizing ultra-sharp

Lip Tattoo Latex 3 pcs

40,00 د.إ
Perfect for those who need to work on their outlining or shading techniques! 3D design

Mapping String

15,00 د.إ
This string is a highly pigmented-mapping string that will cut your mapping time in half! 10 m. Available in black

MAST Dragonhawk cartridge needles 20 pcs

120,00 د.إ
Dragonhawk Cartridges have been custom and tested by lots of tattoo artists. Needles made by 304L, polished by automatic machine that

MAST P10 Rotary Tattoo Machine

600,00 د.إ
This machine has harder hitting, perfectly designed for the traditional, new school, and neo-traditional tattoo. Has a changeable 2.5mm and

MAST P20 wireless blue / 2.5mm stroke

1.450,00 د.إ
Mast P20 Permanent Beauty Wireless Pen Machine With 2.5MM Stroke The permanent machine newly launched has a classic stroke of

MAST Tour Y22 wireless pink gradient / 3.0mm stroke

1.100,00 د.إ
Unleash your masterpiece with Mast Tour Y22! This dependable machine belongs in every PMU artist’s kit. It’s lightweight, ultra-slim, and has

Micro Brush Applicator 50 pcs

15,00 د.إ
Pack of 50 disposable lip and eyeliner brushes available in white and brown colors.

Microbeau Flux Mini Wireless PMU Machine

5.200,00 د.إ
Flux Mini unites wireless power with reliable capabilities into a slim, compact, and lightweight design. The ergonomic and well-balanced profile

Perma Blend – Brunette

150,00 د.إ
Medium value brown shade with cool mass tone and a neutral yellow undertone. 15 ml

Perma Blend – Orchid

150,00 د.إ
Brick red with a slight pink overtone. 15 ml

Perma Blend-Ash Dermis

150,00 د.إ
Designed to be mixed to match any skin tone and complexion. 15 ml