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Face-Organic Love Moore

140,00 د.إ
Warm saturated brown shade with coral undertone. 12 ml

Face-Organic Love Paris

140,00 د.إ
Cold and bright berry pink shade. 12 ml


130,00 د.إ
The brightest pink shade in the Face PM range. 12 ml


130,00 د.إ
Rich black shade with a warm undertone. 12 ml


130,00 د.إ
Tokyo has a cool bright pink color. This shade will look perfect on girls with snow-white marble skin. 12 ml

Green Soap

90,00 د.إ
Green soap is used in tattoo and piercing studios for everything from prepping the tattoo site to cleaning tattoo machines. It’s

Grip Tape Elastic Bandage 1 pcs

10,00 د.إ
Grip Tape is a comfortable, self-adhesive, expanding, cotton material tape wrap for tattoo tube grips providing extra cushioning and grip

Hanafy-Corrector N2

170,00 د.إ
Saturated yellow-orange shade for eyebrows. 15 ml

Hanafy-Corrector N3

170,00 د.إ
Olive color. Neutralizes pink, salmon and red brows. 15 ml

Hanafy-Dark Blonde

170,00 د.إ
Light brown. You can get a result from medium blond to dark blond. 15 ml