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Beauty Treatment Gift Voucher

2.500,00 د.إ7.500,00 د.إ
Are you ready to indulge in luxurious beauty treatments? Look no further than our exclusive Semi-Permanent makeup treatment Voucher! Semi-permanent

Microbeau Flux Mini Wireless PMU Machine

Original price was: 5.400,00 د.إ.Current price is: 5.200,00 د.إ.
Flux Mini unites wireless power with reliable capabilities into a slim, compact, and lightweight design. The ergonomic and well-balanced profile

Product Gift Voucher

500,00 د.إ3.000,00 د.إ
Looking for the perfect gift for a semi-permanent tattoo artist? Look no further than our exclusive Product Gift Voucher! With

The Brow Daddy – Gold Collection by Perma Blend

Original price was: 1.650,00 د.إ.Current price is: 1.550,00 د.إ.
The Brow Daddy Gold Collection by Perma Blend is truly all about creating the experience. PREMIUM BROW PIGMENTS – Made

MAST P20 wireless blue / 2.5mm stroke

Original price was: 1.600,00 د.إ.Current price is: 1.450,00 د.إ.
Mast P20 Permanent Beauty Wireless Pen Machine With 2.5MM Stroke The permanent machine newly launched has a classic stroke of

MAST Tour Y22 wireless pink gradient / 3.0mm stroke

Original price was: 1.200,00 د.إ.Current price is: 1.100,00 د.إ.
Unleash your masterpiece with Mast Tour Y22! This dependable machine belongs in every PMU artist’s kit. It’s lightweight, ultra-slim, and has

Evenflo – Lip Set

800,00 د.إ
Evenflo Colours Lip Set- World’s First Machine-Optimized Formula Born out of Lulu Siciliano’s passion for her craft, Evenflo Colours is

Evenflo Neutralizer Set

700,00 د.إ
Evenflo Neutralizer Set | Lip Color Modifier Set, 3 pcs, 1/2oz

MAST P10 Rotary Tattoo Machine

Original price was: 700,00 د.إ.Current price is: 600,00 د.إ.
This machine has harder hitting, perfectly designed for the traditional, new school, and neo-traditional tattoo. Has a changeable 2.5mm and

Swiss Color-Maroon Red

370,00 د.إ
Earthy, harmonious shade with a reddish-brown undertone. Based on yellow. 10 ml

Swiss Color-Soft Terra

370,00 د.إ
Powdery, warm, cinnamon colored lip color with yellow undertones. 10 ml

Swiss Color-Soft Coral

370,00 د.إ
Elegant shade with a rosy yellow undertone for natural lips. 10 ml