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Swiss Color-Maroon Red

370,00 د.إ
Earthy, harmonious shade with a reddish-brown undertone. Based on yellow. 10 ml

Swiss Color-Soft Terra

370,00 د.إ
Powdery, warm, cinnamon colored lip color with yellow undertones. 10 ml

Swiss Color-Soft Coral

370,00 د.إ
Elegant shade with a rosy yellow undertone for natural lips. 10 ml


220,00 د.إ
Bright, cold deep and rich color. 10 ml

iColor-Nude Pink

220,00 د.إ
Pinky beige color of medium intensity designed for giving natural color to the lips.10 ml


220,00 د.إ
Cool reddish pink color of a ripe watermelon. 10 ml

iColor-Lip Kiss

220,00 د.إ
A red-coral, warm pigment of medium intensity. 10 ml

iColor-Natural Brown

220,00 د.إ
Medium grey, brown based on black and orange pigments. 10 ml

iColor-Terra Brown

220,00 د.إ
Earthy brown pigment with slight green tint. 10 ml

KWADRON® pmu optima cartridges 20 PCS

200,00 د.إ
Kwadron PMU Optima allow you to do the most perfect permanent makeup. They have a unique system of stabilizing ultra-sharp

Kwadron Optima cartridge needles 20 pcs

170,00 د.إ
One of the main factors that led to the creation of KWADRON® cartridges was the desire to create a product