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Evenflo – Warm Black Eyeliner

150,00 د.إ
Warm Black Eyeliner’s high pigment load helps artists deposit the ink in fewer passes. 15 ml


130,00 د.إ
Soft black shade made on a warm base. 12 ml


130,00 د.إ
Suitable for brunettes and clients who want a darker look. 12 ml


130,00 د.إ
Neutral brown color with a green base with added yellow and red hues. 12 ml


130,00 د.إ
Rich black shade with a warm undertone. 12 ml

Hanafy-Corrector N2

170,00 د.إ
Saturated yellow-orange shade for eyebrows. 15 ml

Hanafy-Corrector N3

170,00 د.إ
Olive color. Neutralizes pink, salmon and red brows. 15 ml

Hanafy-Dark Blonde

170,00 د.إ
Light brown. You can get a result from medium blond to dark blond. 15 ml

Hanafy-Golden Blonde

170,00 د.إ
Golden wheat pigment on a yellow base, the lightest in the palette. 15 ml


20,00 د.إ
Pigment Thinner / Dilution Solution. 15 ml

iColor-Natural Brown

220,00 د.إ
Medium grey, brown based on black and orange pigments. 10 ml