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Lip Blush is the hottest trend of the moment, a semi-permanent makeup that delicately defines and fills in lips to give them a look, like a great tinted lip balm.

Properly shaped lips will frame your face, create a more youthful appearance, and take tons of time off of your daily makeup routine! Whether you are looking to create more volume, add definition, or change or improve your color and shape, Lip Blushing will personalize your lips to fit your style. This innovative semi-permanent treatment uses pigment to create depth and definition!


This service allows you to slightly overline your own lips that appear fuller, you can fix asymmetrical lips. Or you can simply neutralize dark pigmentation, so many options, and so many shades!

Lip Shading is an advanced service that aims to provide a natural look and long-term results, giving them volume and shine for about 2 years. Just like microblading that makes your eyebrows thicker and darker, Lip blushing can enhance the look of your lips with a professional machine.

A lip cosmetic tattoo infuses the lips with a flattering shade, such as lipstick or balm. Before the procedure, the artist outlines the lips to show what the whole image will look like. The signature pre-drawing technique for the Lip Blush procedure will help you to create the crispest, most precise, and perfect outline. A local anaesthetic is applied for about 20 minutes to numb the lips. Once the local anaesthetic cream has taken effect, your technician will start applying pigment to your lips using a professional gun.

The technique uses a small needle to implant the natural lip color without making the contour too heavy. Applying professional pigments with a tattoo needle is not scary. To define the shape of the lips and add softness to the color. For lip blush, artists use a digital pen designed for permanent makeup, targeting the softest, most pigmented, delicate skin tones of the lips.

Lip tattooing depends on the technique used by the artists. With Lip Blush performed by trained and experienced artists at “Brows & Lips” you will receive the best-healed Lip Blush results.

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The benefits of lip blush are the same as eyebrow microblading and eyeliner tattooing. A permanent lip tattoo allows you to wake up with flawless, beautiful rosy lips without applying a drop of lipstick, lip balm, or gloss. Permanent makeup can enhance your lips to look younger and fuller, without the need to reapply lipstick throughout the day. Instead, lip blush will simply leave you with a soft, nuanced colour. You can improve the symmetry of your lips, hide uneven pigmentation or scars, and create the illusion of bigger, fuller lips. Our studio also provides dark lips neutralization services for dark skin and lips pigmentation.

permanent tattoo and lip blush in Dubai price

A variety of permanent tattoo studios are available across the country. It is likely that you will be able to find a place that can accommodate any budget for lip tattoo and lip blushing cost in Dubai.

High-end services are provided by our company, which uses the latest equipment, pigments, and professional artists. You can find a price list and a description of the services here. 

The technician discusses the desired result with the patient before performing permanent makeup and prepares a sketch of the lip line. After that, your technician can assist you in choosing the perfect pigment shade. Brows & Lips offers a wide selection of lip blush colors, so you can find your perfect shade. In the consultation, the technician provides recommendations for care after applying makeup. Once the pigment is applied, it is wiped clean. There are two phases to permanent makeup: the initial procedure and the follow-up session one month later.

Indications for the procedure

  • Lip asymmetry;
  • Lack of volume;
  • Intention to stop wearing lipstick;
  • The desire to hide lip scars;
  • Lack of natural pigment in the lips.

Contraindications to the procedure

  • Symptoms of chronic and acute diseases;
  • A dermatological disease in the area where the procedure is being performed;
  • Lactation and pregnancy;
  • Disorders of blood clotting;
  • Keloid scarring;
  • Pre-procedure injections of botulinum toxin (at least 2-3 weeks between lip blush and fillers).

Performing permanent lip makeup

After checking for contraindications, the specialist draws a sketch of the lip line with markings. Anesthesia is then applied, followed by permanent color.

To ensure optimal results, a second visit is scheduled in a month. The specialist determines the areas that need correction during the second visit. The procedure is performed in two stages. A second visit is scheduled a month later. The reason for this is that pigments are injected superficially in order to prevent trauma to the dermis and scarring.

During the application procedure, permanent makeup is applied almost painlessly. The entire procedure takes about two hours. It is recommended that the procedure be repeated in 1-2 years.

Results and next steps

A crust forms immediately after the procedure, which can cause the lips to appear darker than desired. Swelling may also occur, altering the lips’ shape. In order to cope with rashes, follow medical advice.

A complete result is achieved within six to eight days after the crusts have come off and the healing process has been completed. As a rule, you should avoid bathing, saunas, and pools during this time period in order to preserve your results, limit your exposure to UV rays, use products with an SPF of at least 50, and apply them to your lips.

permanent lip colour

Lip shading can persist for several years, even if your lifestyle helps keep it off. Smoking and sun exposure can speed up the fading process, and if you have oily skin, or use a lot of exfoliating products in your skincare, pigment can also fade faster.

The night before, try lightly exfoliating your lips and applying a lip mask. Moisturizing and gentle exfoliation of lips with coconut oil and sugar is the key to smoothing pigmentation. It helps not only with color absorption but also eliminates dryness and flaking.

“Brows & Lips” offers clients semi-permanent makeup to create a youthful, brilliant-looking result for years to come. Lip blush tattoo, eyeliner, and eyebrows can help correct things that can make our clients feel uncomfortable. For example hyperpigmentation, paleness, or dry lips.

Depending on each case you may need a combination of treatments. Results are based on the number of treatments done and regular intervals.

Please find the healing results, process, and aftercare instructions here in our blog.
Find out more about how to neutralize dark lips in this article.


Frequently Asked Questions

Lip blushing is a cosmetic tattooing technique that enhances the natural color and shape of the lips. It involves depositing pigment into the lips’ dermal layer to achieve a more defined and fuller look.

Discomfort during lip blushing is minimal, and numbing agents are typically used to minimize any pain or discomfort during the procedure.

Lip blushing is a semi-permanent procedure, and the results can last anywhere from 1 to 3 years, depending on individual factors and aftercare.

After lip blushing, there may be some swelling and tenderness. The lips will also go through a scabbing and peeling phase. It’s essential to follow post-procedure care instructions for optimal healing.

Yes, you can work with your technician to choose a color that complements your skin tone and achieves the desired look.

Yes, aftercare is crucial for the longevity of your lip blushing. This may include avoiding certain foods, applying ointments, and protecting your lips from excessive sun exposure.

Individuals with specific medical conditions or skin conditions should consult with their healthcare provider and the technician before getting lip blushing.

A lip blushing session can take approximately 2 to 3 hours, including consultation and the actual procedure.

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