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No more BAD EYEBROWS or LIPS! At Brows&Lips we use advanced techniques and solutions to get rid of grey, red, blue, violet, old, deep, and unpleasant tattoos from any body part. 

Cosmetic tattoos may be permanent and bring a lot of discomforts, and sometimes, people decide they want them off. 

For instance, tattoos may bring up old memories or they may no longer suit your lifestyle or taste. Eyebrow and lip tattoos like old microblading or Lip blush done wrongly may not look good anymore or they were botched in the first place.

Whatever the reason for tattoo regret may be, saline tattoo removal offers a safe, convenient, and painless way to make it go away.

Many people wonder if saline tattoo removal works better than laser treatments. 

Below you will find out more about saline tattoo removal, how it works compared to laser, and why it may be the right choice for you.


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Laser treatment may be a faster way to eliminate a badly done microblading or old permanent cosmetics procedure. But there are cons and pros to consider.

The process of laser tattoo removal works by targeting laser energy at your skin with a high concentration of colored light beams. The laser energy breaks the ink particles down into smaller pieces, which are then absorbed by the body and cleared away. Over time, the pigment is taken up by your body’s immune system, and you see the tattoo lighter. 

Several sessions may be needed to achieve the best results, with the exact amount needed depending on different factors and circumstances. There are no incisions required for this procedure, and laser tattoo removal is relatively bloodless. Only pigments in tattoos are targeted in this treatment, so surrounding skin and tissues are unharmed. Laser tattoo removal will remove hair from your eyebrows, that may or may not grow back.

Hyperpigmentation (excessive color) and hypopigmentation (excessive fade) are possible side effects associated with this procedure. There is also the risk of infection, and there is also a slight chance of permanent scarring. The skin might look as though it has been sunburned for several months after the treatment, but it eventually goes away.

With saline extraction, much of the ink from your tattoo is pulled back up from beneath your skin’s surface. When using Saline removal, the eyebrow hairs remain intact. At Brows&Lips, our permanent cosmetic tattoo removal services are less painful, less expensive, and yield better results than any laser. Our procedure is done using either a handheld or an electric handheld pen that gently opens up tattooed areas of colour-filled skin, then applies a serum or a remover liquid to lift off unwanted pigment.

The unwanted pigment is slowly pulled back to the surface of the skin and healed to form a scab. When the scab falls away, this pigment falls away with it, leaving behind a lighter tattoo. Clients should expect to have between three and four treatments before seeing their desired results. With this method of tattoo removal, clients can expect to see a lighter-coloured tattoo but do not expect to get the complete removal. The skin may re-tattoo once the treated area has healed.


With Saline tattoo removal you receive

  • Painless procedure
  • Quick recovery time
  • Smooth experience
  • Great results
  • Faster and better healing
brow tattoo removal


After each session of saline cosmetic tattoo removal, you need to let the skin heal completely before the next session. This can take on average 4-8 weeks for saline. 

A scab will form over the area treated with either treatment type, and it can take a few weeks to heal. Make sure to follow aftercare instructions, such as not pulling at the scab, to avoid scarring and infections.


You can find a price list HERE.

brow tattoo microblading removal


How many sessions are needed will depend on how saturated the pigment is, how deep it was implanted and how much needs to be removed for the desired result. In many cases, only a percentage of the density needs to be lightened/removed and then we can continue the correction process by color correcting.

Saline tattoo removal can take several sessions to lighten the tattoo significantly. It’s possible to predict how effective the process will be for any individual after free online or offline consultation. 

Before booking your appointment/ consultation please verify that you do not have any pre-existing conditions that interfere with Saline removal.

  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding (treatment is possible, though an anesthetic will not be possible).
  • On keloids or if you have a tendency to keloid, birthmarks or moles.
  • Patients with Diabetes, Glaucoma, Bleeding disorders, and in general people with any sort of illness which may cause difficulties during the healing process.
  • People who tend to easily hyper pigment. 
  • People taking any kind of medication or with any type of illness that compromises the immune system.
  • A person who normally spends a lot of time tanning, since UVA rays will eventually alter the pigments.
  • Any person under control for any existing medical condition. We recommend you consult with your doctor before considering any kind of permanent makeup treatment.
  • Serious diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, and autoimmune disorders (doctor’s note is required).
  • Circulatory disorders (doctor’s note is required).
  • Any bleeding disorders (doctor’s note is required).
  • Taking blood-thinning medication (discontinue use within 7 days prior to appointment).
  • Taking antibiotics (must wait 2 weeks).
  • Currently on Accutane or other strong retinoids (must wait until 6 months after treatment ends).
  • If any skin disease symptoms or irritation appears in the area.
  • You’ve recently had Botox or Dysport treatment (must wait 15-30 days).
  • You have a broken capillary in the treated area.
  • If you have a sunburn (Refrain from sun exposure for 1 week prior to appointment).
  • After waxing (must wait 7 days).
  • After chemical peels (must wait 30 days).
  • Any type of facial should not be done within one week prior to the procedure.
  • Must not have had a Hydrafacial done two weeks prior (and after).
  • Must be 18+

Frequently Asked Questions

Нes, at Brows&Lips, we offer advanced saline and laser tattoo removal services to effectively remove eyebrow and lip tattoos.

Saline removal gently lifts unwanted pigment, preserving eyebrow hairs, and is less painful, less expensive, and often yields better results compared to laser removal.

After each session, the skin requires 4-8 weeks on average to heal completely. Follow aftercare instructions to avoid scarring and infections.

We offer a package of 3 laser sessions or 1 saline for AED 1000. You can find our price list on our website.

The number of sessions depends on factors like pigment saturation and depth. Individual effectiveness can be assessed after a consultation, but multiple sessions are often required. Certain medical conditions may affect eligibility.

Please find more information and aftercare instructions here in our blog.

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