what is dark lips nautralization

Dark lip neutralization: how does it work?

People often have dark spots on their lips due to trauma, smoking, or other circumstances, but for others, it is a cosmetic issue. Lipstick makes it easy to conceal, but some people don’t like to wear it or feel insecure when they do.

You’ve probably heard of lip blushing as a way to conceal a dark lip. Let’s take a look at the topic and see the amazing results of dark lip enlightenment.

Can dark lip neutralization be described in simple terms?

In recent years, lip blushing tattoos have become increasingly popular. The lips are gently layered with color using a professional device that injects the colors into the skin. Lip blush allows you to get smudge-proof permanent lipstick in your favorite shade that lasts up to five years.

Besides covering up scars, it can also even out uneven lips and improve a lot of cosmetic concerns. Read on to learn more!

Dark Lip Neutralization - Can It Make Dark Lips Lighter?

Black lips are caused by two main factors. A person’s genes, or ethnic lips, are the first factor to consider.

Your authentic self is what makes you most attractive. At Brows & Lips, we can remedy any defects you may detect. Lip neutralization may be beneficial for you if you are truly convinced that it will make you happier.

A second cause is if the lips have been damaged by an injury, malnutrition, hormonal imbalance, certain medications, excessive coffee consumption, or smoking.

Neutralizing dark lips: What does it involve?

There is a two-appointment procedure involved in permanent makeup. Enlightening dark lips may require 2 or 3 or even more sessions in order to achieve the desired result. Generally, it takes six to eight weeks for the lips to recover after the first tattooing, and a touch-up is necessary. People with dark lips, especially those from ethnic backgrounds, usually require several sessions to eliminate them.

It is possible to achieve a blushed appearance using colored lips, however, it is imperative to neutralize the color of dark lips in order to achieve this. Using a warm-based pigment will enhance the darkening of the lips and counteract the cool tones on the skin.

Adding a target color is possible after the lips have been neutralized and wholly healed.

It’s tough to get rid of black lips. This procedure should only be applied by professional artists who are well versed with color theory and have experience with dark lips. You can get rid of dark pigmentation on your lips with Brows & Lips and forget about it for 5 years. 

A step-by-step guide to neutralizing dark lips for lightening them

  1. Cool tones are complemented by warm hues. Each client has unique tones that should be taken into account. 
  2. Providing neutralization and balancing for dark lips. It takes between 1.5 and 2 hours to complete the procedure. 
  3. The healing period lasts about three weeks. As a result of healing, you get gorgeous, light, natural-looking lips! 
Semi Permanent Eyebrows Aftercare

permanent makeup proud portfolio

Does this method work for everyone who has dark lips?

There are some people who are not suitable for dark lip neutralization. If you have severe lip hyperpigmentation, you may notice that your lips don’t seem to be changing much. This is why most artists avoid working with lips that contain a high concentration of melanin. Only the most accomplished artists are capable of executing this technique due to its high level of skill and understanding. Hyperpigmented lips should be treated with caution since lip blushing might exacerbate the condition. It is no secret that Brows & Lips has an extremely experienced team of artists who are able to illuminate dark lips with ease. 

What is the most effective color to neutralize dark lips?

Choosing the neutralizing shade is up to the lip blush artist, as you do not have control over what shade works best for your dark lips. The right color will be chosen in accordance with whether or not the dominant tones are greyish, purple, or brown, so they will use the appropriate color.

A typical result of such a process is the appearance of a healthy, rosy, peachy complexion that looks as if it originated in nature.

Color on your lips will be applied once your lips have healed, and you will have the opportunity to select the shade of your choice.

What is the average time it takes for a dark lip blush to fade?

In terms of longevity, your lip blush will last from two to five years, depending on the tone of your skin and how dark your lips are. Eventually, the darker shade will reappear after a few years, and you will need to refresh the color.

Please find the healing process and aftercare instructions here in our blog.

To know more or book a consultation or appointment please follow this dark lip nautralization service link.

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