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While the term Ombre may be more commonly associated with hair colour, ombre brow shading is the ultimate semi-permanent makeup technique that makes everyone buzz. Inspired by the ombre trend, ombre brows have become a big trend in semi-permanent brow makeup. All semi-permanent makeup procedures involve the introduction of natural pigments between the upper and middle layers of the skin, the same goes for ombre eyebrows.


Ombre powder brows, known as ombre shading, are a semi-permanent brow enhancement technique that uses tiny dots of pigment to create a powder effect, resulting in a soft color transition that gives depth and definition to the brows. This technique mimics the effect you get when using powder or pencil. A very natural-looking brow can be achieved with a professional tool, creating many pixelated dots by implanting pigment under the skin.


Ombre eyebrows are less traumatic than microblading. Microblading uses a hand tool to cut small cuts in the skin, while ombre brows are done with a machine. While microblading consists of individual hair-like strokes that mimic natural eyebrow hair rather than a pencil look. By incorporating multiple shades, the client can achieve a thicker look after microblading.

Well, while microblading involves manually cutting out small lines in the skin to apply the semi-permanent dye and create specific hair-like strokes, the ombre brow technique uses a machine to create pixelated dots that create blush and a faded look that light starts at the front of the eyebrows and becomes darker at the ends. Shading is a semi-permanent brow styling technique in which a small machine applies extremely fine dots of pigment to the skin, creating the effect of a soft brow pencil.

The most significant difference between the two brow styling techniques lies in the way the pigment is added to the skin. Both techniques can be combined as one can be used at the beginning of the brows and the other at the ends.

Immediately after the procedure, your eyebrows will become darker and bolder. After the scabs fall off, the eyebrows will become softer and lighter. As a rule, to look bolder, the eyebrows are made darker in the bend.


Ombre brows, also known as ombre powder brows, refer to a semi-permanent method of shading the brows to refine their shape, fill in stray areas and create a fuzzy effect on the brows. In addition to the different results, ombré powder brows are also great for those with oily skin. Ombre powder brows are ideal for all skin types, unlike microblading, which may not be suitable for those with oily skin. Ombre is especially recommended for women with oily or combination skin, as well as for those who regularly tint their eyebrows with a pencil or shadows.

Whether you are looking for a soft blonde shade or bold dark brows, we can customize them to suit your desire. Sometimes we also mix colors to best suit the client’s wishes, skin tone, and brow color. The shading technique is versatile as it can be used alone or in combination with microblading whether the client wants thin or thick brows.


Micro + Shading uses manual and mechanical techniques to create natural-looking strokes with soft, powdery makeup. When it comes to permanent and semi-permanent makeup, we’ve all heard of microblading, a semi-permanent tattoo technique used to create the illusion of fuller, more beautiful brows. “Nano Brows” is another technique for applying hairs using a single needle and a digital machine instead of a handheld microblading tool.

While microblading was gaining popularity in the West, a newer and more advanced technique was being developed in Asia called Ombre Powder Brows (also known as dust, mist, microshading, ombre shading, or stardust brows). Many people are moving from microblading with both machine and hand tools to powder brows/ombre. Powder/ombre brow technique for many years.


are a mix of microblading and shadow shading. “Eyebrow combo” – is a combination of microblading and ombre colouring. While the ombre might give us a head start on the hair trend, it’s much less visible on the forehead.

Ombre shading gives you one to three years of minimal grooming for your brows. Because the needle doesn’t penetrate deep into the skin, the brow tint wears off faster than microblading, and most people go back for touch-ups every six to twelve months to keep their shape.

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