Permanent Brows Microblading Aftercare

Permanent makeup offers you a highly customizable way to change your appearance with extreme ease and accuracy. But before you rush to book your eyebrow appointment just because they’re going through an awkward phase, read on to find out how semi permanent tattoo techniques can help you make these changes without messing up your skin.


Microblading is a semi-permanent manual method that gives a beautiful, fuller appearance to your eyebrows. This technique creates the appearance of hair strokes and color on your skin. It differs from traditional tattooing in that it creates a more natural look with individual strokes. The first thing you should do is have your perfect brows done by a skilled and experienced microblading artist who will perform their eyebrow embroidery artistry. The reason for this is that the brow shape and curvature will dictate what the final result will look like. Our artists At Brows & Lips are superbly trained at an Advanced level on the latest standards to provide you with premium services and the best appearance.


Microblading is a cosmetic procedure that can fill in your sparse brows and give them the right shape, or you can use it to get a whole new look. If you want to create, enhance or change your appearance in terms of shape and colour, microblading is definitely for you. Microblading is the best to provide natural-looking and defined eyebrows by Dubai-based studio Brows & Lips.


Getting Microblading done will take about an hour and a half to complete. It is done by a special tool – a microblading device which is a hand tool and will require 10 to 20 min numbing cream to minimize the pain level and make the procedure comfortable and painless. A technician draws the shape first and you can customize it before treatment at Brows & Lips. Microblading typically lasts up to 2 years, but the durability of the pigment depends on your skin type.


If you have oilier skin microblading will likely come off faster than other skin types. We will highly recommend going for the Powder brows or Ombre brows techniques which are suitable for all skin types, including oily skin, or Nanoblading which will create the same hair strokes effect for sparse, bald eyebrows. The professional permanent pigment is deposited on top layers of the skin to ensure the best-healed results.


Both nano brows and microblading are so-called individual hair stroke brows, a way to enhance the eyebrow and give them volume by drawing on extra hairs. In both cases, the hair strokes are created by implementing permanent makeup pigments into the skin. But no, nanoblading vs microblading is not the same eyebrow tattoo technique, although their names are similar and they volumize the brows in a similar way.


Nano brows are a semi-permanent makeup treatment for the eyebrows that creates the look of extra natural volume, fills in sparse patches, and modifies the shape of the arches into your dream brows. It’s a form of cosmetic tattooing – it’s done by opening up the skin and depositing color into it, but it’s not permanent.

The results of nano brows fade gradually and will become invisible after about 2 years if you don’t refresh them.

The treatment is performed with an electric device similar to a tattooing machine, which is used to draw strokes that imitate the natural brow hairs between them. Tiny needles that opens the skin are as thin as a strand of brow hair, so the strokes end up extremely realistic and indistinguishable from the natural hairs.

Semi Permanent Eyebrows Aftercare

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Microblading is also a semi-permanent makeup treatment for your brows, and it too gives the illusion of thicker brows by drawing on extra hair strokes. However, it’s done manually, with a thin blade rather than a needle, so the strokes of microblading are somewhat thicker, and the results are slightly more dramatic than nano brows.

WHAT ARE THE MAIN difference between microblading and nanoblading


Although it’s called nanoblading, there are no blades involved. The Nano brow technique is done with a machine – some artists call this treatment digital hair stroke brows. The machine features an extremely fine needle, which vibrates and pierces the skin, depositing pigments in tiny dots that add up to strokes. The needle is flexible and thin, so it causes very little trauma to the skin.


Microblading is a manual technique. A handheld tool that features a thin micro-needling blade is a small tool made up of 12-16 needles dragged through the skin. The blade is dipped in pigment, and it’s deposited into the tiny cuts. The microblading blade is thin too, and some artists even use the same thickness as the nano-needle – 0.18. However, it’s not flexible, so there’s less control over pressure and motion.


The main difference between nanoblading VS microblading is in the technique, which then entails differences in the results.

Please find more information, the healing process, and aftercare instructions here in our blog.

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