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What is eyelash lamination, how it is done, and what the results are

The procedure for laminating eyelashes involves deep nourishment of the natural lashes with special formulations rich in vitamins and amino acids. As a result, the hairs appear longer, silky and lush, get a neat shape, a healthy shine, and a beautiful curl.

Providing natural beauty for up to 6 weeks of expressive looks, this technique allows girls to safely put aside mascara. Instead, they can enjoy their thick, seductively curled, dark and shiny laminated lashes. Before you say a firm “no” to shortcomings in the form of fading and lack of volume, you need to understand all the intricacies of the innovative beauty trend.

Here's how lash lamination works

Lash lamination is a technique of step-by-step application of special bio-preparations based on the natural protein keratin, the basis of which is keratin. As a result, protein particles penetrate deep into the hair, filling microcracks and damaged areas, strengthening their structure, and thickening and smoothing their surfaces.

Steps in eyelash lamination:

  1. Firstly, the master cleans the eyelashes from makeup, dirt, and sebum, and places a hydrogel patch on the lower eyelid. This is necessary for better nutrient absorption.
  2. Treatment of eyelids and eyelashes with a softening composition: With a special tool, the skin around the eyes is protected, as well as the hairs, which become softer and more flexible. Lashmaker creates the desired shape and curl by carefully rolling each hair on a silicone roller.
  3. Fixation of the bend uses a nourishing serum that fixes the formed curl and prepares hair for painting.
  4. Coloring each eyelash meticulously, the master applies pigment.
  5. Completion Eyelashes are covered with a mask containing keratin, vitamins, and oils for deep nutrition, care, strengthening the roots, and boosting growth.

As long as the client’s eyes remain closed at all times, the eyelash lamination procedure will not cause discomfort. It usually takes 40 minutes to 1.5 hours to complete. Due to the speed at which hair renews naturally, the second session of such an intensive restoration can be performed the next month.

The Procedure: What to Expect from eyelash extention

Results guaranteed:

  • Approximately 30% more volume on the lashes;
  • Due to the beautiful bend from the root zone, the hairs appear longer and the look becomes more open and expressive.
  • The lashes acquire a radiant, healthy shine as well as a rich, dark shade that blends harmoniously with the skin, eye, and hair colors.

Happy laminated eyelash owners highlight three reasons why they love their brand-new look:

  1. With lash lamination, you can achieve a stunning visual transformation without harming your own eyelashes in any way.
  2. Professional craftsmen in specialized salons use compositions that are safe even for people with glue allergies.
  3. It lasts up to 6 weeks without the need for correction or complex care.

An expressive look from under fluffy, long eyelashes with a flirtatious curve – what else would a girl need for a positive mood and a stunning appearance? A bio-lamination system eliminates perms, permanent coloring, and mascara in favor of healthy spectacular lashes.

Basics of lash lamination Aftercare

As soon as the eyelashes are lamented for 24 hours, a keratin composition is intensively infused into them. It is recommended not to wash the preparation for 1 day in order to prevent removing nutrients and pigment. Without worrying about maintaining the desired effect in a day, you can swim in salty sea water, dive in a pool, take bathing procedures, dye your eyelashes with your favorite mascara, or experiment with make-up.

In terms of further care, it is no different from what you normally do to take proper care of your eyes, eyelids, and eyelashes – for makeup, you should use hypoallergenic cosmetics and limit intense mechanical impact (friction, twitching, etc.) to prevent damage to the eyes and hairs.

After lamination, it is not forbidden to tint the lashes with mascara for even brighter results. This is an obvious advantage of lash lift over extensions.

lash lamination before after

There are pros and cons to everything

These secrets and facts about lamination contribute to its popularity:

  • It usually lasts up to six weeks, since the pigment doesn’t contain oxidizing agents or acids.
  • Depending on the natural parameters and the wishes of the client, you can adjust the bend from natural to impressive.
  • Each subsequent session increases the density of the eyelashes by 10% (if the procedure is carried out regularly).
  • Lamination can be performed qualitatively on any type of cilia.

Natural eyelashes are regenerated, damaged areas are repaired, the hairs become thicker and stronger, and the skin around the eyes is toned and smoothed as a result of deep nutrition.

An obvious benefit can, however, be countered by a wrong procedure if it is not properly handled. Injuries, irritation of the skin and mucous membranes, swelling, etc., can occur when lamination is done at home, or the master is careless or negligent, when a complex of preparations is used, or when the compositions are applied incorrectly. It will take several months to update the ciliary row and restore the eyelid skin to get rid of such unpleasant consequences.

The procedure for eyelash lamination should only be performed by a qualified, experienced professional, and contraindications must be considered before the procedure can be performed. Those with mucosal diseases, individual intolerances to serum components, or those who have recently undergone surgery are not advised to laminate eyelashes.

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