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The secret to flawless eyebrows: brow lamination (so-called brow lift) and post-care

A half-hour visit to the salon, a month without worries: eyebrow lamination is one of the most popular procedures. Find out what eyebrow lamination is and if it is right for you, as well as how to style and care for your enhanced look.

What is the process of eyebrows lamination?

It is similar to long-term styling to laminating your eyebrows, as it fixes the hairs in the right place, shapes unruly eyebrows beautifully, and eliminates the need to apply fixing gels every day. With freshly combed eyebrows, you’ll look amazing for the next month.

A process of eyebrow lift

Three stages of the procedure are generally involved: first, a softening compound is applied to the eyebrows, which opens the hair scales, and then a transparent film is applied to prevent air contact. You should pre-test on the crook of your elbow if you have had adverse experiences with hair coloring, allergies to dyes, or aggravated skin sensitivity. In general, the formulations are safe and dermatologically tested. Redness usually subsides after 15 minutes.

After the eyebrows are shaped with the product, they will stay that way for a while. After the product is washed off, the hairs will remain where they were.

After the eyebrows have been shaped and colored, the master shapes and colors them without affecting the skin, so that the result appears very natural.

The most suitable candidates for brow lamination

By combing up the hairs, thin, sparse eyebrows can be portrayed as dense, and volumous when they lack volume. Those without full eyebrows will need to draw them a bit with a pencil or shadow. However, after lamination, the eyebrows themselves will lie beautifully and naturally. After lamination, long curly eyebrow hairs will also become softer and easier to manage.

Brows Lift is not recommended

It is not recommended to laminate your hair when it is very long and does not naturally fit into your eyebrow shape. The hair becomes too straight, loses volume, and looks like a fence after a brow lift. Sometimes, under their own weight, they do not even hold tightly to the skin but start hanging menacingly over the upper eyelids. Maybe it’s just that the eyebrows are vertically arranged, giving them a frightening appearance.

Eyebrows Lamination Aftercare

During the day, it is not recommended to wet the eyebrows after a procedure. You will receive an aftercare oil containing argan oil and Vitamins A and E. You can use it daily or as a light, moisturizing fixative during the day. If you’re lazy, repeat the procedure three times a week. When you do it consistently, you maintain your hair’s plasticity and prevent it from becoming brittle. The oil should be applied with a spindle-shaped brush (you can use a clean mascara brush).

The texture of the oil is not for everyone, and some people are uncomfortable with it. However, those who enjoy the feeling of a working product on their eyebrows (girls with dry skin) will be happy with it. For girls with oily skin, it is imperative to apply oil only to the hair, not to the skin.

Now the eyebrows will retain the desired shape without problems – the effect will last for about a month. You can use a comb and oil, or you can use a transparent fix gel – such as Lancôme or Anastasia Beverly Hills – to shape them after washing.

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