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A brow shaping is carefully done by two popular methods – hair removal and hair clipping; both of these methods are used the achieve a perfect look when it comes to personal grooming. For women, eyebrow shaping is a commonly experienced technique. Although males can shape their eyebrows too, women are more interested in achieving a perfect sharp look of their eyebrows that fits with the shape of their face and looks attractive to the public; a lot of methods and techniques are applied in salons for eyebrow shaping and is often practised by women themselves if they become a pro in this act. Regarding eyebrows, it’s about finding the right shape and symmetry that fits exactly how you imagine your face to look.

A Guide to Eyebrow Shapes

Natural-looking full eyebrows.

 No matter what, one should always embrace natural brows first to get perfectly shaped ones. Stray hairs need maintenance and regular plucking from time to time, even if you choose to have a natural-looking entire eyebrow, as it helps you achieve a refined and neat look. 


• Eyebrows that are a little bent or curved. Girls with pointed features and brows, like eyebrows with a slight natural bent or a little rounded, look better with them and need to maintain the arch just like it is, so it doesn’t look rough and the shape is not lost.

• Straighter variety. Straight brows might have a very slight arch, sometimes not even that. Just by little brushing, straight eyebrows look a lot better and refined, but maintenance is always needed and a little experimentation to make them look more attractive while not destroying their original shape. 

Semi Permanent Eyebrows Aftercare

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Appropriate equipment or tools are used for the process of eyebrow shaping. The best quality and adequately functioning tools are on top while shaping the eyebrows, and of course, a perfectionist handles eyebrows with care.

Best quality tweezers with high sharpness

While there are many methods to shape the eyebrows, tweezing is still on top and is the most popular and easy to use, especially when plucking out stray hair. Hair is ideally removed from the root when you are tweezing, and there are higher chances of very slow regrowth of hair once you tweeze them. When using razors, waxing and threading give a lot of pain and discomfort to your eyebrows as it causes the skin to badly expand, although it’s simple and quick to use. Many other disadvantages include broken hair that is hard to touch and damaging the hair follicles. One should take care of the tiniest details so a perfect shape is achieved without damaging the area. That’s why tweezers are always recommended.

A spoolie brush

Messed hair totally ruins the shape of eyebrows, seems very unattractive in public, and also makes a beautiful face look ugly just because the eyebrow isn’t brushed properly, so a spoolie brush is a way to go. An ideally brushed look of the eyebrow will make you look gorgeous beyond everything.

A pair of brow scissors that are both tiny and sharp

Appropriate scissors that are sharp and easy to hold are the most important. Blades must be long enough to cut repeatedly according to the use. Otherwise, you will stop chopping after every second, putting your eyebrow in lousy shape. Scissors aren’t used a lot in this process, only where necessary, so make sure you grab the right one and handle it with extreme care.

3 essential steps that can help you achieve a sharp and tailored look

  •  First, look in the mirror and see whether you have any excess hair.

Grab the last point of tweezers and place it in front of your brows; look at the peak of your brows and make the angle of the tweezers following that.

Once you are done with the mapping process, trim the stray hair from the top of your eyebrows that is not in the symmetry and seems unwanted to you.

Avoid pushing and pulling and consider just trimming the absolute ends with scissors; keep your spoolie brush with you to do it more appropriately, and keep brushing the eyebrows.

  • Tweezing is the second step.

Once you find the angle and map, see what hairs fall out of the map and tweeze them. There is no need for additional treatment for your eyebrows. Make sure you like the look and shape it according to your taste. After all, it is just the best version of the eyebrows that already exist. All you need is trim a few stray hairs that come in the way of making your eyes look perfect. Try not to use a magnifying mirror as it shows too much information that is just a prank and making you a fool.

  • Finally, to maintain a natural appearance, try filling the brows up

Start with filling the middle of your eyebrows, don’t use too much pressure when applying the product to fill your eyebrows, so you don’t put too much strain on it.

 Draw a line with an eyeliner from the top and bottom to achieve the desired look. Add colour or gel according to your taste but don’t overdo it. Fill your eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil or powder. Pick a brow colour of your own choice, and then fill in the brows where you believe it’s needed. Take before and after pictures to help you compare. There is no harm in doing last-moment changes until you achieve the desired look.

Note: Don’t try to tweeze all hair at once. Try tweezing only one at a time, so you don’t destroy the overall look.

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