Ombre Lips Permanent Makeup

The Most Beloved Lip Blush Style: Permanent Ombre Lips

There are many ways to recreate your favorite lip makeup look permanently with lip blushing. The results don’t last forever, because they fade away after a couple of years, but for now, forget lip products except for chapstick.

In recent years, ombre lips have become one of the most popular lip PMU styles. Lip blushing, therefore, can keep up with makeup trends.

The ombre gradually transitions from intense and dark to sheer and light in the makeup world. How is this done on lips? Check out these stunning examples of ombre lip tattoos and learn how they’re done!

What is ombre lips permanent makeup?

An ombre lip is a style of lip makeup that involves coloring the outline of the lips – their edges – with a darker product, and filling in the rest of the lips with gradually lighter products, leaving the center of the lips the lightest. As a result, the transition is smooth and nicely blended, making the whole thing look really appealing.


Having the illusion of fuller lips without fillers is one of the reasons people like the look so much!


Various MUAs popularized this trend on Instagram (as they do with all looks), and it quickly spread throughout the world.


Unfortunately, creating flawless, tidy ombre lips takes a long time. In order to apply makeup with precision, you must have the right consistency. If is not too matte, so it’s impossible to blend, and not too runny, it’s impossible to apply evenly. A wide variety of shades is also a money pit.

Ombre lip tattoos are the logical consequence! By using lip blushing, PMU artists quickly mastered the ombre effect.


For big events like weddings and celebrations, you should try out ombre lips since single-tone lips are no longer in style. If you combine two shades of a dark and light tint, you will get a whole new color for your lips. Trying ombre lip treatments means you’ll no longer have to wear the same reds, neutrals, and pinks. To learn more about ombre lips, continue reading this page. Take a look!

Boost your natural beauty with ombre lips

A cosmetic procedure called Ombre Lips creates long-lasting 3D lip makeup. The term “ombré lips” refers to blending two distinct lipstick colors to create a faded appearance. The colors might flow from the outside of the lips to the inside or from the cupid’s bow to the outer lips to achieve a strong lip appearance.


  • Aside from enhancing your natural attractiveness, it can also improve your self-confidence.
  • You save a lot of time by not applying lip liner and lipstick every day.
  • Smudge-proof lips – Look your best even when it’s hot!
  • We provide the most advanced organic and mineral pigments and the most up-to-date equipment.

What is the process of ombre lip treatment?

As part of the micropigmentation procedure, permanent ink is injected into the skin using a professional tattoo pen. In the modern era of permanent makeup, blue lips are no longer possible because only soft, light techniques are used.

Organic or mineral pigments are used using a tattooing machine and a light powder (shade) technique. Like with any tattoo, the color will first look brighter or darker before fading. It usually lasts one to two years, depending on your skin type and lifestyle. Occasionally require top up sessions.

Semi Permanent Eyebrows Aftercare

permanent makeup proud portfolio

What is the purpose of getting Ombre lips?

Even without lip liner or lipstick, your lips always look gorgeous with an ombre lip treatment.

  • Your age or other health problems make it difficult for you to apply makeup.
  • You may have sensitive skin or allergies to conventional cosmetics.
  • It would be ideal for an always-on-the-go woman.
  • Swim, workout, shower, and wake up looking and feeling great.
  • Add some color and vibrancy to your lips.

It’s no longer necessary to pack your favorite lipstick since your natural youthful glow will be preserved. With ombre lips, your lips are given an extra boost of energy and color while retaining their natural shape. This is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures used to give the lips some color and define their contours. Lips with an ombre treatment are treated with two colors. Lips can become more defined and symmetrical by using this procedure.

Choosing the right color for ombre lips

In order to achieve the desired effect, it is essential to understand which two colors work well together. You should choose one color for your primary lip color. Once you have chosen your base color, pick a color lighter or darker than it. You should, however, ensure that the colors are comparable. For example, you can create the perfect ombre lip effect by using red lipstick and the darkest brown you have.

But to begin with, you should choose a dark brown or pink to go with your red. Use orange or brown lipstick for the ombre effect if you use a pink base. The key is to utilize two hues that may be blended to give your lips a gradient of color.


Everything is executed flawlessly and without a hitch! We take care to accomplish everything carefully. In our clinic, we start with a deeper shade on the inside (or outside) of the lips before moving progressively to a lighter shade. This ombré lip offers the appearance of larger lips and produces a fading effect.


The treatment areas are numbed with a topical anesthetic as necessary. There may be some discomfort during the treatment, but this helps alleviate it. The level of pain varies from person to person. Since some people believe certain parts of the face are more sensitive than others, we specialize in making the customer as comfortable as possible. Your treatment will be painless thanks to the variety of topical anesthetics available.

Permanent makeup is usually a two-step process for areas like brows or lips. Lip tissue fades rapidly after the first treatment because it is different from other types of skin. Your lips will gradually lighten over the next few weeks. It is likely that your lips will appear paler than you would like at first, but pigment can darken and lengthen them at the follow-up appointment.

Please find the healing process and aftercare instructions here in our blog.

To know more or book a consultation or appointment please follow this ombre lips service link.

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