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Hair loss can occur in men and women of any age and can be caused by anything that disrupts the normal hair growth cycle, including emotional stress and nutritional deficiencies, which can be a stressful event for any man or woman. Scalp micropigmentation is a revolutionary new hair loss solution and hair loss treatment that applies professional pigments to the scalp that mimic the natural look of real hair follicles, giving your hair the look you choose.

Based in Dubai, UAE, Brows & Lips offers professional hair care services such as Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP).


Scalp tattoo can also restore the appearance of full, well-groomed hair to completely bald hair, restoring confidence and allowing you to forget about hair loss.

Scalp Micropigmentation is the only 100% effective solution for hair loss. Micropigmentation treatment is a relatively new technique that can significantly change the aesthetic problems of Baldness, Alopecia, Hair loss, Cancer, Hairline recession, Thinning hair, or receding hairlines. Like a traditional tattoo, Scalp micropigmentation is becoming increasingly popular worldwide and has proven its value to hair reconstruction surgeons including follicular unit excision and hair transplantation. The tattoo industry is in the midst of a cultural expansion, making scalp micropigmentation a socially acceptable cosmetic solution to scalp and hair problems. Almost 20% of women and 40% of men suffer from hair loss/thinning.


The first thing to clarify is the relationship between the terms “scalp micropigmentation” and “tattooing,” as both are used to refer to the same process: the implantation of professional pigment into the scalp. Hair tattoo or SMP treatment (abbreviated SMP) is a superficial, non-surgical cosmetic tattoo that creates the illusion of a short haircut on a bald head or the illusion of thickening on a thinned area of the head. SMP is a procedure used to create the illusion of shaved, short beard or hair loss, or thicker areas in need of hair extensions.

Micro-pigmentation involves the use of highly specialized equipment (SMP device) and techniques to inject pigments into the scalp at the microscopic level to make it look like a real hair follicle. The goal of SMP is to create hair-like lines and tiny little dots to replicate the look of shadows on the scalp. Combined with the technicians’ artistic and technical skills, SMP can solve many scalp and hair aesthetic problems, because it is not an invasive treatment.

Specially trained technicians at Brows & Lips use ultra-fine needles to do this tattoo procedure and apply a proprietary formulation of pigments (inks) to the scalp, creating thousands of tiny marks, and creating the illusion of a hair-like dot technique. Our artists apply highly specialized pigments using needles of different sizes, penetration depths, angles, pigment colours, and application rates, depending on the specific scalp area, depending on individual skin tone and desired results.


To achieve a realistic and natural look, we use pigments that match the hair colour and skin tone of all nationalities. At Brows & Lips, our pigment adapts to the exact colour and type of your hair. Usually, SMP lasts up to 4-5 years depending on your scalp individualities.

Mixed color pigments created for micropigmentation are less resistant to UV rays, which can help the scalp to change less or fade less over time. A thicker scalp with more fat and supporting infrastructure causes skin swelling. While micropigmentation isn’t technically considered a tattoo—tattoo ink penetrates deeper into the skin and is injected with a thicker needle—services like SMP and other types of permanent makeup carry fewer risks.

At Brows & Lips, our highly qualified micropigmentation specialists use state-of-the-art technology and only natural pigments. Find the Brows & Lips Instagram account to learn how natural our results are and why scalp micropigmentation hairline tattoos are the best solution for hair loss.

Before the procedure, SMP technicians at Brows & Lips will apply a local anaesthetic to the scalp to maximize the comfort level of the treatment. People with scalp acne or other skin problems such as psoriasis should avoid SPM, as it will be difficult to apply the pigment to the inflamed areas.

WHAT IS THE COST OF scalp micropigmentation IN DUBAI?

The price for each procedure depends on a number of factors, including the presence or absence of blemishes or scars on the scalp, skin tone, hair colour, the amount of hair present, and the colour and viscosity of the pigments used.

During the first treatment, we will map the shape of the head area to give you a new hairline, then we will begin to fill in bald spots or areas of thinning. In the retouch session, we will fill in and add more texture and density to the scalp as needed to enhance the final look and meet initial expectations.

To know more about SMPU prices please visit our services page.

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