permanent cheek blush

permanent cheek blush

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Those who suffer from allergies to makeup or who cannot apply blush on a regular basis may benefit from permanent blush treatment. It is also beneficial to those who simply wish to enhance their complexion with a natural glow. It is applied by micro pigmentation, or cosmetic tattooing, and adds a light pink tint to the cheeks without being too overpowering. It gives the cheeks a soft and subtle dusting of pink while staying cute and flirty at the same time. Over time, your cheek blushing will gradually fade and lighten until they return to their natural shade.

Permanent Cheek Blush - Your face looks beautiful and healthy even after a hard day!

Even though the aristocratic complexion has gained popularity again, cheek blush continues to indicate well-being and health. A correctly applied blush also improves the appearance of an oval face, making it more youthful and attractive. In reality, even the best blushes run away from the face during the day, and reapplying them isn’t always convenient. Even though you may not always have the opportunity or desire to apply makeup, you always want to look attractive! Fortunately, in our salon, you can get yourself a permanent blush – and have a healthy blooming look 24/7 in any situation!

When done properly (and we only do this), a tattoo looks unobtrusive and natural, hides minor skin imperfections and facial flaws, emphasizes the relief of the skin, and also stimulates skin regeneration. Besides that, it lasts a long time, saving you both time and money that you would otherwise spend on cosmetics.

It all starts with a good master at Brows & Lips studio: permanent cheek blush

The master of permanent makeup must have exquisite taste, feel the client’s face, and work with a jeweller’s precision.

Our salon’s masters have won international championships, and are members of the Society of Aesthetic Derma Pigmentation Specialists. They have worked and trained in Germany, Holland, Italy, and Mexico. We are rightfully proud of our experience and qualifications. Our team is an even bigger source of pride for us.

Our relationship has been smooth and amicable for over 5 years, which contributes to the salon’s atmosphere and quality of service. Making people happier and more beautiful is our mission!

It is our primary focus to capture a person’s unique personality rather than to follow fashion trends or to reflect our own creative taste. We are pleased to share our knowledge and give our clients the information they need to maintain their health and beauty.

Price of permanent cheek blush

It will cost you 1500 dirhams to have radiant rosy cheeks in our salon. By comparing how much you will save on cosmetics, you will realize it is not expensive. Saving time on daily makeup is priceless – because it can be spent on something very important! Even after a long working week, even in the early hours or late at night, you can feel beautiful – at any time.

The correction of each procedure must be paid separately, in the amount of 500 dirhams, not earlier than one month after the procedure. Our team can also remove an unsuccessful tattoo or update your old one – it costs between 500 and 2000 dirhams.


Do you need to retouch your cheek blush?

Many people believe that retouching is only necessary if the technician made a mistake. This isn’t true at all! Correction is a standard procedure completed at least a month after the main session. The skin of each individual is unique, with its own characteristics; during the healing process, small unpainted areas and minor defects can appear. A planned correction can eliminate them.

Furthermore, even the highest quality permanent makeup fades over time. Colors need to be refreshed and made more saturated, and corrections can help.

Is a cheap cheek blush tattoo dangerous?

In order to make such a serious cosmetic procedure affordable, the master must:

  • Be a beginner or trainee;
  • Reduce material and tool costs;
  • Accept clients in inappropriate conditions or at home;

There are many negative consequences associated with each of these options. The best thing you can do is get a quality procedure and always make sure that the technician is experienced. Your face and health are at stake here!

Is the permanent cheek procedure contraindicated?

Your session should be postponed if:

  • You took antibiotics or other powerful medications in the months prior to the session;
  • It has been less than six months since plastic surgery, blepharoplasty, and laser vision correction. It is best not to sign up for a PM with stitches on your face that you haven’t yet removed, “so everything heals right away.” This can be very dangerous;
  • Currently, you are suffering from acute herpes. You must first undergo treatment in this case;
  • Your blood pressure is high;
  • If you’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • It is menstrual time for you. There is an increase in pain and bleeding during this period. In this case, it is best to perform the procedure in the middle of the cycle;
  • If you are pregnant or nursing. Do not hide this fact and do not take it for granted. In this case, you are solely responsible for the outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

Permanent cheek blush is a cosmetic procedure that employs micro pigmentation or cosmetic tattooing to add a soft, subtle pink tint to your cheeks. It provides a natural-looking glow without the need for daily application of makeup.

This treatment is beneficial for individuals who suffer from makeup allergies, those who find it inconvenient to apply blush regularly, or anyone who wishes to enhance their natural complexion with a more consistent, glowing appearance.

The treatment is applied by qualified professionals using micropigmentation techniques. It is designed to look unobtrusive and natural, concealing minor skin imperfections and enhancing the skin’s relief.

The effects of permanent cheek blush are long-lasting but will gradually fade over time. Eventually, your cheeks will return to their natural shade.

The cost of a permanent cheek blush treatment at our salon is 1500 dirhams. Additional corrections are charged separately at 500 dirhams each.

Yes, a follow-up correction is usually recommended at least one month after the initial session. During the healing process, small areas may not take the pigment fully, and a correction session can address these minor imperfections.

Cheap treatments often involve inexperienced technicians, substandard materials, or inadequate environments. All of these can lead to unsatisfactory results and even health risks.

The color may fade over time, and it is advisable to come in for periodic corrections to maintain the hue and vibrancy of your permanent blush.

Our salon aims to capture each individual’s unique personality rather than following fashion trends. We are more than happy to consult with you to determine if permanent cheek blush aligns with your beauty goals.

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