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Evenflo Neutralizer Set

700,00 د.إ
Evenflo Neutralizer Set | Lip Color Modifier Set, 3 pcs, 1/2oz


130,00 د.إ
A soft and cool shade of pink. 12 ml


130,00 د.إ
The perfect natural lip color. Universal, natural pinkish-brown shade. 12 ml


130,00 د.إ
The most saturated, dark cold lip pigment. A beautiful cherry wine color. 12 ml


130,00 د.إ
Soft black shade made on a warm base. 12 ml


130,00 د.إ
Suitable for brunettes and clients who want a darker look. 12 ml


130,00 د.إ
Neutral brown color with a green base with added yellow and red hues. 12 ml


130,00 د.إ
Original, soft pink-purple hue with a cool undertone. 12 ml

Face-Organic Love Jennifer

140,00 د.إ
Basic neutral shade, universal soft brown-pink color. 12 ml

Face-Organic Love Megan

140,00 د.إ
Cold saturated pink-red is a basic shade. 12 ml

Face-Organic Love Moore

140,00 د.إ
Warm saturated brown shade with coral undertone. 12 ml