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iColor-Natural Brown

220,00 د.إ
Medium grey, brown based on black and orange pigments. 10 ml

iColor-Lip Kiss

220,00 د.إ
A red-coral, warm pigment of medium intensity. 10 ml


220,00 د.إ
Cool reddish pink color of a ripe watermelon. 10 ml

iColor-Nude Pink

220,00 د.إ
Pinky beige color of medium intensity designed for giving natural color to the lips.10 ml


220,00 د.إ
Bright, cold deep and rich color. 10 ml

Swiss Color-Soft Coral

370,00 د.إ
Elegant shade with a rosy yellow undertone for natural lips. 10 ml

Swiss Color-Soft Terra

370,00 د.إ
Powdery, warm, cinnamon colored lip color with yellow undertones. 10 ml

Swiss Color-Maroon Red

370,00 د.إ
Earthy, harmonious shade with a reddish-brown undertone. Based on yellow. 10 ml

Product Gift Voucher

500,00 د.إ3.000,00 د.إ
Looking for the perfect gift for a semi-permanent tattoo artist? Look no further than our exclusive Product Gift Voucher! With

MAST P10 Rotary Tattoo Machine

600,00 د.إ
This machine has harder hitting, perfectly designed for the traditional, new school, and neo-traditional tattoo. Has a changeable 2.5mm and

Evenflo Neutralizer Set

700,00 د.إ
Evenflo Neutralizer Set | Lip Color Modifier Set, 3 pcs, 1/2oz