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Black Nitrile Gloves

Disposable Nitrile Gloves 100 pcs

35,00 د.إ
Nitrile gloves are commonly used in online tattoo shops as a protective barrier for both the tattoo artist and the

MAST Dragonhawk cartridge needles 20 pcs

120,00 د.إ
Dragonhawk Cartridges have been custom and tested by lots of tattoo artists. Needles made by 304L, polished by automatic machine that

Vitamin A & D Repair Cream 100 pcs

80,00 د.إ
100 sachets of Vitamin A&D Ointment is used to temporarily protect minor cuts, scrapes, burns, and sunburn. Aids in healing

Cord sleeves 100 pcs

20,00 د.إ
Pack of 100 Cord sleeves available in different colors

KWADRON® pmu optima cartridges 20 PCS

200,00 د.إ
Kwadron PMU Optima allow you to do the most perfect permanent makeup. They have a unique system of stabilizing ultra-sharp

EZ V-SELECT cartridge needles 20 pcs

120,00 د.إ
The EZ Cartridges have been custom designed and tested by many tattoo artists. Made from 304L stainless steel, polished with

Wooden Cotton Swab

15,00 د.إ
Disposable makeup tools, lint-free, clean and hygienic, safe and non-toxic. Great for eyelash extension, nail art, painting, tattooing, mapping etc.

Sterile Pigment Ring Cup 100 pcs

50,00 د.إ
Pack of 100 Ring Cups. Available in pink and black colors

Disposable Protective Clothing 20 pcs

90,00 د.إ
Disposable gowns for tattoo personnel play an important role in protecting both the tattoo artist and their clients from exposure